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What is litigation? Most people think of litigation as just the filing of a lawsuit - a term of art, if you will, that encompasses any number of different legal disputes that are submitted to a court of law for resolution. However, litigation is a process, an ordeal that can be tedious and expensive. A lot goes in to litigating a case even before a lawsuit is filed. Even more time, energy and money are spent once the lawsuit is filed with an eye toward taking the matter to trial. An experienced litigation attorney can help navigate through this process, keep costs under control and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case to get the best possible result and, if necessary, to avoid a long drawn out court battle that benefits nobody.

My experience as a lawyer is in litigation. I have defended and prosecuted a wide variety of lawsuits including: Personal Injury and Wrongful Death – Property Damage – Employment – Product Liability – Construction and Home Repair – Insurance – Real Estate – Commercial - Estates

An extension of business law, commercial litigation in its most general sense is litigation related to various complex or straightforward business disputes usually arising from a contract between two or more parties (business and/or individuals). I can help bring about a legal resolution through negotiation, mediation or arbitration and by filing a lawsuit for breach of the terms of the contract the result of which will be the recovery of damages stemming from the breach and in some cases specific performance of the terms of the contract. Equipped to handle small or large matters, I can provide representation in any number of situations including commercial contracts, the purchase and sale of assets, equipment or other lease agreements, construction, home repair, payment for services rendered, asset recovery, mechanic’s liens and other types of liens against property, disputes with respect to various forms of business organizations, debt collection and other business matters.

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