Family Law - Areas of Practice

The area of family law can cover a wide range of subjects relative to the pre-marital relationship, marriage, custody, support and divorce.

I, as your attorney, can provide representation to draft pre-nuptial agreements and to advise clients on the legal consequences of marriage.

At the other end of the spectrum, I can also help guide you through the trying time of divorce. If custody is not an issue and there is no property to divide OR the parties involved wish to amicably divorce, I will provide representation to bring about the divorce and a marital settlement that best meets the needs of both parties and their children as quickly and efficiently as possible for a reasonable flat fee. Divorce by agreement is not always an option, however, and you should find an experienced lawyer that can help lead you through the litigation process and help you make an informed decision that will lead to a fair marital settlement agreement.

Another consideration, and certainly the most important where children are concerned, is custody. Custody is decided based on the best interest of the child. When deciding the best interest of the child, courts consider several factors. Custody of a child can range anywhere from limited supervised visitation to shared custody and can be awarded to parents, grandparents or individuals acting as parents of children. Whatever the arrangement and to avoid future conflict, a custody agreement should always be in writing. That is where I come in. I can advise one or both parties regarding issues that you consider of the utmost importance and those that you may not have even thought of. I work as hard as I can at the outset to try and get the parties to come to an agreement that will meet the needs of everyone in an attempt to avoid a situation where someone else is deciding what is best for your child. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. One or both parties are not willing to agree and litigation will result. While a long drawn out custody battle is never good for a relationship between parents and/or their children it is important to retain a lawyer who understands the issues and can competently advise and represent you through the custody process.

Lastly, child support and spousal support are relatively simple concepts. Whether or not you live with your children, you remain financially responsible for them. To that end, a non-custodial parent will need to make a financial contribution for their child’s well-being determined by child support guidelines. In the case of spousal support awarded prior to a divorce becoming final, there are guidelines in place (much like the child support guidelines) which take into account the needs of the requesting party and the incomes and earning abilities of both spouses. Support issues can be decided by agreement or through court intervention. I handle child support and spousal support matters and can assist you in reviewing and/or modifying existing child support or spousal support arrangements.

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